Control of starting and stopping performance:

    Controlled application of starting current with no transients minimises electrical disturbances.
    Smooth application of torque eliminates mechanical shocks during start thus preventing damages to the motor,couplings and load.
    Soft stop and pump control for optimum control over stopping performance.

  • Flexible control functionality for system integration:

    Local control panel for manual control.
    Remote control inputs for control system interface.
    Four relay outputs(3programmable).
    4-20mA output for feedback of motor current.
    RS485 link for serial communication.
    Programmable automatic reset function.

    Protection for the motor and load:

    Programmable electronic motor overload for advanced motor protection.
    Phase imbalance and phase loss protcetion.
    Phase rotation protection to prevent reverse rotation of motor and load.
    Stall protection to prevent damage from jammed loads.
    Undercurrent protection to detect abnormal load conditions.
    Thermistor input for direct connection of motor themistors.
    Restart delay.
    Shorted SCR detection.
    Automatic power circut verification.

    Sundry functions:

    Password protection for starter settings.
    Diagnostic display for fault finding.
    Low current alarm.
    High current alarm.
    Motor overload alarm.
    3Wire or 6Wire connection.

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    • Advanced energy-saving mode
    • Bump-less function
    • Fire control
    • Sleep and wakeup function
    • My function
    • PTC protection